Friday, December 17, 2010

Featuring: CJ’s BUTTer

We just got this email the other day and I totally had to share! We love it when our customers find the same love that we have for all of our WAHM’s.

I Have a new favorite diaper rash and dry skin solution! It happened like this:

I got my son up in the morning and changed his diaper to find a VERY red, VERY swollen penis in that diaper. The poor boy screamed in pain any time I so much as touched him, which made diaper changes interesting. I immediately reached for the
CJ's Tube o' BUTTer, only to discover that we were nearly out! What to do?! I called Jess: "I have a horrible diaper rash on my hands and I'm almost out of CJ's! Help!" Then I headed out to Top to Bottom.

Jess had just got in a bunch of new products and one of them was
CJ's Spray BUTTer. Perfect! I can spray it on to take care of the diaper rash and I don't have to rub or wipe it on.

Turns out, it was no regular diaper rash. My little man has extremely dry skin. So dry that it cracks and bleeds. Not fun... The doctor suggested we put Vaseline on it EVERY time we change his diaper. That's all fine and dandy, but Vaseline is heavy and messy and somehow, my son always gets his feet in it before I can cover him up with the diaper. Not to mention I would have to use a liner with his cloth diapers all the time. So, I tried the
CJ's Spray Butter.

It works wonders! Three sprays with every diaper change, and no more dry skin. Plus, it smells fantastic! When I'm out and I change a diaper, someone almost always asks "did someone spray air freshener?" They're amazed when I tell them it's my diaper cream. I also love how easy it is to keep in my diaper bag. It makes less mess on my hands when we're out and it's much faster than a tube. I'm officially hooked!

-Amanda Kloke, local mom


Mama and More said...

Thanks Amanda for the great feedback! It is nice to know when products are working!!