Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Greek

Hi. My name is Megan and I want to use cloth diapers.

Jess: You have to buy Rumparooz® wet bags and pail liners Me: What exactly are wet bags for?
Jess: Wet clothes
Me: Right. And…?

Extent of my cloth knowledge: Disposables bad, Cloth good.

There you go. That’s it. Even though I’ve listened to Jess talk about everything cloth diaper for the last year it didn’t sink in, because well I was NEVER going to have another baby.

Surprise my daughter hit 3 and I want another baby. I’m lucky enough that my wants have aligned with possibility, so now we’re trying. Now before my daughter was born, I was type A. After surviving her infancy and toddlerhood, I’m uber type-A. Like relentless. My Nook, has bookshelves organized by subject then by author. I’m probably crazy, but that’s how I keep My-Bee (my daughter) alive.

A little bit of back story- My husband is a writer, and shortly after My-Bee was born we moved from Kansas, to Brooklyn, NY. Cloth was not an option for us. We lived in an apartment that didn’t have a washer and dryer, in fact the washer and dryer were 3 blocks away in a horrible neighborhood called “East NY.”  We lived at the corner of Pitkin and Schenk, pronounced Skank. What? Yeah Skank, well I suppose it could be shank, but that’s not much better.

Did I mention prostitutes worked out of the bathrooms in this Laundromat? Yeah there was NO way I was walking down there every two to three days to wash diapers. Instead I was OBSESSIVE about changing My-Bee, which means Nate became obsessive about how much diapers cost.

Well 3 years later we are living in Los Angeles (for the most part) the Mecca of all things hippie, including the environment, and why not? Have you see what the human species has done to LA?

When we started talking about a new baby, I started dropping hints like “what do you think about cloth diapering” and “do you really want to go back to buying diapers?” and “diapers are so expensive. I guess we could do cloth” in order to appeal to my husband’s inner cheap-o. It worked. It got him to agree to cloth. I just needed time for him to come around “by himself.”

Ok now what? Google of course. I’m an intelligent woman I can research this shiz right?  The first Google search got me confused. My follow up call to Jess had me more confused.

Ok so I was going to try the newborn rental package and she uses the pail system (what? No diaper genie?) and only fitteds (ok… ) and huh?

This is like Baby Greek to me people. I have no idea what I’m doing, or looking at. I don’t yet understand the difference between fitteds, and all in ones, and inserts, and why I can’t use my All Free and Clear soap, and, and, and… The real problem for me is that I learn by seeing, and I don’t understand things if I can’t see them.

So in addition to my twice daily calls to Jess, I’m looking for a physical store in LA or NYC. But until I find one, or several, I’ll be looking at Top to Bottom Baby Boutique’s website and trying to figure out the differences between the products.

Oh, and keeping you updated on my progress, or just the panicky calls to Jess whichever happens more often.

n17014211_37576391_4835Megan Mascorro-Jackson is wife, sister, daughter, a stay at home mom  to one sweet little girl. Just relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, but she tends to be a bit bicoastal. After deciding to try for another child, Megan convinced her husband that cloth was the way to go. Come along on her journey though the rabbit hole of cloth diapers.


Mama and More said...

Loves it! Loves you! I'm so glad that the stars (and two sweet babies) brought us together.
<3 Jess