Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cloth Diapering a Newborn – Preparation

When my daughter Nola came along, I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers. For me, it was largely an economical decision. Everyone thought I was crazy. Without much support, I doubted myself a little, but once I IMG_4870started researching the cute factor pushed me over the edge! I really had no idea what would really work or not work with her, so I had a mish mosh of options. I tried a few things when she was a newborn, but they didn't work well and I got discouraged. When she was about three months old, I finally knew what I wanted and stocked up on easy to use BumGenius 3.0 all-in-ones. With all the experience I got with Nola, I feel confident to dive into cloth with my second baby right from the get go.

Here's my plan...


I stocked up with 14 Lil' Joey all in one diapers from Rumparooz. I chose these diapers for three reasons.


Number 1: Convenience. With Nola, I realized that what worked for me was for the diaper to be as convenient as possible. I didn't do well with covers, or liners, or pre-folds. They overwhelmed me and made me feel like a little bit of a failure. Once I got my 12 BumGenius 3.0 with Nola I felt so successful! I used them exclusively, even when we were out. I felt such gratitude from the planet. :)

Number 2: Sizing is important to me. My husband was a little hesitant to invest in the Lil' Joeys because they won't fit very long. But I'm a little bit vain, and I like my babies to look cute in their diapers. When Nola was a newborn, all the diapers I had looked just HUGE on her, and it made me not want to use them, especially when friends and family came to meet her. Yep. Forget the earth. My baby was going to look cute! These diapers should be just right for a newborn tushie to look it's best. In the picture, the diapers are laying beside a newborn size onesie.

Number 3: Umbilical cord. You just never know how long that thing will hold on. And it just looks so tender, I never wanted anything to touch it, if possible. The Lil' Joeys have a snap down in front for just that reason.


To round out my stash, I also bought two covers, a Thirsties Duo Wrap in size 1, and a Bummis Super Brite in newborn size. These are both very, very small. With these, I bought some tiny pre-folds. I got a steal of a deal on some used ones at Top To Bottom's Fluff Again event in October. Since I have experience now, I don't think it will overwhelm me to use these occasionally when all my Lil' Joeys are in the wash.


I am going to take a couple of Lil' Joeys with me to the hospital. I don't plan on using them during my hospital stay, but I would love to take my new baby home wearing one. (And have an extra in case we don't make it all the way home without a blow out. :) I may use some liners the first few days, as well. Just until I know for sure that the meconium stage is over, and I'll only have easy peasy breast-fed poo to deal with. I would hate to stain my beautiful new diapers, and I really hope we'll be blessed enough to use them again someday.

I am taking a little bit of a gamble by investing in so many diapers without trying them. Experienced cloth mamas will advise against this. My problem is, my nesting urges have really overtaken me and I want to be READY the minute this baby comes. I want to be fully stocked, and not have to do any diaper shopping during those first few weeks. It's such a short stage anyway, I'm afraid if I don't get stocked ahead of time, my baby will outgrow them before I get around to ordering more.


Aside from stocking up on diapers I know I'll use for a newborn, this time around I'm going to use cloth wipes. I thought it sounded too hard last time. But really, it's pretty annoying to have to find a trashcan to throw your disposable wipes in when changing a cloth diaper. With cloth wipes, they can just get thrown in your dirty pail or wet bag with your diapers. And you're already washing diapers, why not add a few measly wipes? I got some wipes and wipes solution at the Fluff Again event to give it a whirl. I also got some Rockin' Green laundry soap while I was at the Fluff Again event (I really stocked up there! I grabbed a new wet bag, too!). Last time I used Tide for washing. I've heard such rave reviews for Rockin' Green I decided to try it out this time around.

So that's my plan...I'll let you know how it all pans out...:)

By: Charity
Watch for the next installments of this diapering a newborn series.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bummis Trainer review.

Recently we chose a few of our fellow bloggers to help us out on some reviews. Read what Jenny thought of the Bummis Training Pants:


I was lucky to be able to try a Bummis trainer on Audrianna. It is really difficult to find the right training pants for her because she has cerebral palsy and is working very hard on potty training but isn’t 100% there yet. So sometimes she forgets and has accidents and sometimes there major accidents. We’re always on the lookout for a trainer that might be more absorbent.


When we got the Bummis Trainer in the mail I was a bit shocked at the size, it looked so big. Audrianna was close to 40lbs so I wanted to make sure we had one that would fit her. I went ahead and prepped the trainer anyways. I figured why not give it a shot it, it never hurts to try right?????

Although the gals of Top to Bottom Baby had warned me they ran a little big, I have to admit the trainer didn’t work and I was a little upset. The trainer was a little loose around the legs and when Audrianna would have a little accident it would leak. We decided to put them away for a while, and try again later.


Now that she has gained some weight back we decided to give the trainer another shot. The trainer worked great, and didn’t leave any marks on Audrianna’s legs.


They were easy to put on and take off all by herself! Anything that is easy for Audrianna to do is a plus in my book. She loves to be independent.

Cozy flannel lining is so soft against skin, which encourages your little one to potty train faster!


The sizing was not what I expected. I got a large which should fit 40lbs & up, but I felt it fit more like 45lbs and up.

I wasn’t a fan of the prints to choose from. I kind of wish they had more of a selection of prints. Other then just white, jungle, or the frogs. Maybe making them more appealing to kids to use would be helpful.

Amanda from Top to Bottom Baby was great to work with and the trainer was shipped fast. All my questions were answered very well. I was not compensated anyway for my review and the opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.

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