Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Edition of Fluff Again News

Thursday Edition of Fluff Again

The winner of Wednesday’s Pre-sale passes is Number 4: Meagan

Please email Jess at to claim your passes.

As promised, here is a list of the great vendors who will be joining us on Saturday:

For the Love of Bugs: Burp cloths, bibs, hooded towels, baby blankets, rag quilts, and tata tents

FLUFF AGAIN SALE DISCOUNT: $5 off of custom team orders up to $30 or $10 off custom team orders over $30 at Fluff Again (excluding Rag Quilts).

Freckle (aka Freckle's Natural Fibers): Hand Knit and Chocheted products, including diapering products

FLUFF AGAIN SALE DISCOUNT: Stop by her table for Details!

Sparkles and Fluff: Hair Accessories, Tutus, and Jewelery

FLUFF AGAIN SALE DISCOUNT: Stop by her table for Details!

MAK Images Photography

FLUFF AGAIN SALE DISCOUNT: Stop by her table for Details!

Essentials Family Chiropractic and Wellness:

Stop by for a free chair massage during Fluff Again

Catering Angels: Catering, specializing in cakes.

Free samples available at her table!

WildTree Natural Food Products

Free samples available at her table!

Madaline Jane: Custom handmade boutique clothing for kids and adults

Norwex Consultant: Personal and cleaning products without chemicals

Evie’s Slings: Beautiful ring slings, custom slings available for order

Snuggabugz Diapers: Cloth Diapers and Children’s Overnight Diapers

The Upper Room: Pillowcase dresses, bedding, and appliqued shirts

Omaha Placenta Encapsulation

Omaha Doulas Association

Check back tomorrow for a Fluff Again FAQ, a list of Door Prizes, and some general fun!

oh...and in case you are keeping track, we are currently over 1450 diapers! Here is a picture of the totes that are loaded and ready to go.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fluff Again Wednesday Edition

Welcome to the Wednesday Edition of Fluff Again!

Okay, first I have to apologize for missing Tuesday’s edition of Fluff Again news...I went to play Bunco with my moms’ group (enough said, right??)

So, to start off the night, we’ve decided to give away 2 (Yes, 2!) pre-sale passes from Monday’s comments. The winners must email me at by Friday at 5 pm to claim their prizes. The winners of pre-sale passes are:

    • Leah
    • April D.

Next on the list, we are going to give away another set of presale passes tomorrow. To enter, answer this question:

What is your biggest question about Fluff Again (how it work, what to buy, etc) that we haven’t already answered???

Thursday’s edition of Fluff Again news is going to be all about vendors, so make sure you check back for a full listing of our fabulous vendors!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Fluff Again!

Monday Edition of Fluff Again

Whether you are new to Fluff Again, or an old pro, there is always a lot of curiosity of how this event works. Here is our outlook on Fluff Again.

The doors to Fluff Again open at 9 am. Our usual recommendation is that you are there right at 9 am, though this year we will be offering a discount hour between Noon and 1 pm on certain products (These products will be marked). At 11:45 am, we will require that all shoppers check out with their current products. After everyone is checked out, we will open up the shopping for discount products.

Another new addition this year will be the hospitality table at the entrance to the event. This table will have maps of the event, plus will be the registration table for the door prizes (check back Wednesday for a complete list!). The map is going to be a very important addition because it will allow you easily to figure out which tables to begin with. It will also give you details of the available vendors and where they are located.

One of most exciting additions this year is our new check out system. The system allows staff to scan your purchases using during check out, which should significantly decrease the check out time. On the consigner’s side, the new system has made tagging products easier. We hope these changes make Fluff Again even more enjoyable for everyone.

Finally, one of the last changes we have made is to change our check out methods to begin accepting credit cards. This year we will accept Cash, Checks, and all Major Credit Cards.

We hope you enjoy Fluff Again as much as we do! Oh and we are now over 1100 diapers! To celebrate this many diapers, we will giveaway a pair of Pre-Sale Passes (opens shopping to the holder at 8:30 am). In order to win these passes, comment on this post. In this comment, list the product you are looking for during Fluff Again!

Love and Fluff~Robyn and Jess

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Edition of Fluff Again

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of Fluff Again!

For those of you who don’t know, Fluff Again was the brain child of Jess. The first sale in Spring 2010 boasted almost 500 diapers. She always says that Fluff Again is her favorite season because it is a nice time for the cloth diapering and natural parenting community to come together.

As of this weekend, we already topped 1000 diapers, baby wearing, and other natural products that are going to be available on Saturday. I expect this number to keep growing this week as the final tagging occurs. Additionally this year, we have over 15 vendors that will be attending. In the days to come, we will be giving you a glimpse of the products and services that these vendors offer and maybe even some discount coupons to use during Fluff Again. Finally, we have had some generous donations for door prizes. A complete list of these prizes will be available later in the week.

Though the diapers are important to Fluff Again, the most important aspect to Fluff Again is the volunteers. These moms and dads not only help organize the products prior to and during the sale, but they are also available to help answer questions for Fluffy newbies. We would be lost without them. To thank our wonderful volunteers, we will be having a drawing for one lucky person who will win one of the NEW Fluff Again T-shirts and lunch! All volunteers will be entered to win (1 entry for every hour you volunteer, and double entries if you volunteer to help cleanup). We still have spots available, so head over to Fluff Again and register if you are interested in helping out!

Finally, check back this week for more introductions to our vendors! Plus, we maybe giving away a couple pre-sale passes (hint).

Introduction to Vendors for Fall 2011 Sale:

For the Love of Bugs


What she offers:

  • Burp Cloths - made of high quality birdseye diapers and cleaning service quality prefolds...assorted sizes and colors
  • Bibs - designed to coordinate with our burp cloths and blankets
  • Hooded Towels - a larger version of the standard hooded towel...great for kids of all ages
  • Baby Blankets - larger and more snuggly than standard receiving blankets, but still small enough for everyday use
  • Rag Quilts - available in a wide variety of sizes (from crib quilt to man size) order only...2 week minimum...please e-mail us for a quote
  • Tata Tents - nursing covers for the Mom and/or baby that prefers discrete feeding, our covers are longer and wider, providing full coverage, a comfortable and fully adjustable neck strap to help keep it in place and delicate boning to make it easier to keep an eye on your little bug...fabrics can coordinate with burp rags, blankets and/or bibs or be something that is special just for Mom
  • Cards - in sets of 10...congratulations, new arrival, baby shower, etc
  • Custom Gift Sets - you tell us what you'd like to spend and we'll put together a variety of gift set options for you to choose from...a perfect way to make your custom gift even more perfect!

FLUFF AGAIN SALE DISCOUNT: $5 off of custom team orders up to $30 or $10 off custom team orders over $30 at Fluff Again (excluding Rag Quilts).

Freckle (aka Freckle's Natural Fibers)

What she offers:

  • Hand Knit and Crocheted Diapering items
  • Other Hand Knit items
  • Hand Woven scarves and shawls
  • Custom Knitting and Weaving
  • Some Hand Dyed Yarn and Yarn Resale
  • Hand Spun Yarns

FLUFF AGAIN SALE DISCOUNT: Stop by her table for Details!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fluff Again Fun

The count down has begun! Fluff Again is one week from today. In celebration of Fluff Again, we are going to spend the next week telling you about the vendors who are going to be attending, giving some sneak peaks on the super cute diapers that are arriving, and having some giveaways to celebrate.

Just a reminder, tonight is the last night to vote for your favorite t-shirt on the blog. And stay tune for more fun!

Love and Fluff~Robyn and Jess