Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boy, do we have a SALE for you!!!

It’s been almost a year since we opened our website for business, and you all have made it such a wonderful experience. We couldn’t do half the things we do without all of our great loyal customers.

As a Thank you, from December 26th to December 31st, we’ve decided we’re going to offer up some great deals for all of you, and we hope you take advantage of them!

Sale #1: Monkeysnuggles and Cover
Buy any Thirsties regular cover or any Bummis cover at regular price and then you can buy up to 2 (two) Monkeysnuggles regular fitteds for $15 each (so, 26.50 for a Thirsties cover and Monkeysnuggles fitted)

Sale #2: Buckets of Fluff
For Buckets of Fluff, there will be several "buckets" of products that have some great discounts on them. If everything from the bucket is purchased before December 31, everyone who purchased something out of that bucket will receive a $0.50 store credit per item. If all Buckets of Fluff items sell, then anyone who purchased items will receive $1.00 in store credit per item.

Sale #3: Grab Bags
$15.00 "Pink"
$15.00 "Prefolds & Snappi's Oh My"
$15.00 "Blue"
$20.00 "$20.00 Diapers" (5 available)
$25.00 "Small"
$25.00 "Large"
$30.00 "Green"
$35.00 "Got Milk?"
$50.00 Girl Diaper Set
$50.00 Boy Diaper Set
$50.00 Girl Diaper Set
$50.00 Gender Neutral Diaper Set
$50.00 Gender Neutral Diaper Set

#4 Wool
Buy a Monkeysnuggles wool and a Monkeysnuggles fitted and receive a free wool wash bar from WeeEssentials!

#5 Hidden Coupons
Every day there will be hidden "deals" on products. When you check out you will receive additional discou
nts on those products!