Saturday, August 7, 2010

Newborn Diaper Rental Program

Some of you have asked if we had any sort of diaper rental programs in place, which got us thinking. Why not make a package up for you mama’s who would love to cloth diaper from day one, but don’t want the cost of buying that many newborn/small diapers.

This package includes 20 fitteds, in 4 different styles, and 4 pockets and aios.  These diapers are specifically sized for babies under 15 pounds, allowing you to avoid the bulk of the one-sized diapers.

Cost: $75 rental plus a $75 deposit (which will be returned when diapers are returned in good condition)
Period: 3 months, rental does not begin until baby is born
Need additional time? Each additional month is $25

This breaks down to $25 per month (which is cheaper than a month of using a diaper service).  Given the scheduling pattern, these diapers cannot be rented for less than 3 months.

Fine Print:
Most of these diapers require covers, but these are not included in the package.  If you need covers, please check out the cover package available for purchase (
Diaper Cover Package). 

Given the need to adequately stock these packages, we ask that you reserve your package a month before your due date.  We will ship your package to you about a week before your due date.  We also understand that babies have their own time lines (from personal experience) so if you deliver early please contact us and we will ship the package immediately. 

*Just decide you want to try diapering??  Don't worry, go ahead and pick up the package!  We will work with you to get everything together.

Not Local?  Free shipping when we send this package to you, we just ask that you pay return shipping.

Unfortunately, this package does not qualify for discounts or for rewards points.

All diapers must be returned in good working order.  We will include a list of recommended detergents to use when washing the diapers and instructions.  Any diapers that are damaged, beyond normal wear, will be charged at full price to your deposit.

BONUS:  As an extra bonus, each package will come with 4 prefolds and a snappi to give you the chance to try prefolds (and to have a couple extra diapers in case you forget to wash as early as needed!  don't laugh, it happens to the best of us!)