Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let’s Celebrate – A Giveaway!

As many of you know, we opened January 1st, meaning we are in our 7th month of business.  July is always a fun month so in honor of this we are going to do a fun mixture giveaway:

If we reach 600 fans on facebook and 300 orders before July 31st at midnight then we will giveaway a wetbag filled with goodies, valued at $50.00, to one of our Facebook Fans!  If we only make one or the other, than we will still giveaway a $10 gift card to the store.

Additionally, we are going to copy Rockin Green a little bit and add a couple random order extras during this time.  Each order is listed below with the extras that will be included:

Order 286-CJ's Natural Diaper Cream
Order 287-10 extra rewards points
Order 291-Monkeysnuggles Wipes
Order 294-10 extra rewards points
Order 298-Rockin Green Pail Sprinkle
Order 300-100 Extra Rewards points
Orders 301+ through July 31st midnight CST will receive 10 extra rewards points

Oh and I forgot the best part, check out I heart Fluff's facebook page for some great giveaways between now and the end of the month, including a $20 gc from Top to Bottom Baby Boutique.

And...finally....if it can't get better...we are going to be randomly posting some "sales" on our facebook page during the rest of the month for discounts on products that you love.

So tweet it, facebook, it whatever it! We’re lucky to have some great fans, and we can’t wait to show you all how much we value you!!


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