Monday, August 9, 2010

Product of the Week : Monkey Snuggles Pocket Diapers

We’re hoping to get back in the routine of offering up a Product of the Week here at Top to Bottom Baby Boutique.

Up on the website this week we have Monkey Snuggles Pocket diapers up for grabs at a 10% discount. As with all of our other products of the week, you need to do nothing but add it to your cart.

Monkey Snuggles Pocket diapers are one sized and some of the slimmest diapers we carry. When you first get your hands on them you’ll notice how trim they seem, and how thin the insert is. Don’t let this fool you. They’re made of Bamboo Fleece which is extremely absorbent!


We carry Monkey Snuggles One Size Diapers which fit from 12- 40 pounds. These diapers come in LOTS of fun prints that you just don’t find everywhere. Even in fun prints the outer layer is made of Waterproof PUL with an inner layer of 100% polyester suedecloth to keep baby feeling dry.

Go ahead and get yours at a discount! Sale will be good through Midnight CST Sunday August  15th.


We had so much fun with our Facebook Fans last month by offering up a giveaway for coupon codes and such through out the last few weeks. Thank you all who participated, and thank you to all of you who spread the word and sent more love our way!

And now….I need your opinions, and suggestions. What do like to see the most of? Do you love our POW? Or would you rather have daily/monthly sales? Are sales your thing or do you like whole site discounts and free shipping?


Nancy Mosier said...

Personally I like whole site discounts and free shipping the best. I have gotten a lot from Abby's Lane just because of the free shipping. If something is cheaper, even with shipping I'll always go for that though. It's all about the most bang for your buck. Sales are nice but it is SUCH a bummer when you want to buy something and realize it was on sale LAST WEEK! I'd rather know that if I need something there is one place to go for the lowest prices and best service.

Mama needs a nap said...

Free shipping is my preference, but what I bought last week was only $2 for shipping, soooo...maybe I'd prefer a product of the week instead!
I do love the Monkey Snuggle prints.
krishackney at suddenlink dot net