Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New things around TTBBB

We’ve got lots of new things going on at Top to Bottom Baby Boutique. All of them are meant to keep bringing you all back, as well as to offer you up some great deals!

Top to Bottom Baby Boutique now has a rewards program in place. This program will help all of our regular customers to earn points towards free money to use within the store.

Basically, it works like this:  For every dollar you spend in the store you receive a point.  You can redeem 100 points for a $5 gift certificate to the store.  Once the points are redeemed the gift certificate is automatically taken off your next order.  So, if you want to save the points to buy something big, you need to save your points and not redeem them until you’re ready to use them.   You are unable to redeem your points until you have accumulated 100 points.  After 100, you are able to get $1 for every 20 you redeem, i.e. you receive $6 for 120 points. 

But now you’re asking, well what about all my previous purchases? For you loyal lovers of Top to Bottom Baby Boutique, after your next purchase we will go in and automatically credit your points to your account. If you’ve already spent $100 in the store, we’ll go in and credit your account that many points. You can then choose to use them on the next order, or hold on to them for bigger things.

When you log in to your account you’ll see a place where it says My Rewards. You then will be able to see how many rewards points you have. (after your next purchase for previous accounts)

We’re also going to give you points for referring a friend. You will receive 10 points for each friend you refer to Top to Bottom Baby Boutique. They need to email us with your name  & account email address so we can credit your account.

We think it’s going to be a great hit, if you have any questions feel free to email us! We’ll answer any questions you have!

Just a few other things!

We’re now offering free shipping on orders over $50 all the time. No codes to put in, it just happens. This does exclude all soaps, but we’ve got the shipping for soaps around $4-$6.

We now have Moby Wraps in stock!!!! We’re so excited to launch into baby wearing and to start off with Moby is a great thing! Look for more products to come in the next few months.

There is also a new diaper cream that will be in stock in the next couple weeks, as well as Buddha Bunz, Leslies Boutique Wet Bags, and Super Undies! We’re so excited for all the new products to hit the stores shelves!

Let us know what things you’d love to see in the store! Suggestions for Baby Wearing MUST HAVES? Or things you think we need to carry, as well as anything that would entice you to purchase from TTBBB.

One last thing before we go. As many of you know Jess has taken on a new position within a great company. It’s been a challenge & learning experience which means Jess has decided she can’t give TTBBB the full attention that our customers deserve. Effective Immediately Justin will be assuming the role of “All things Diaper” within Top to Bottom Baby Boutique. He is an amazing resource and is AMAZING at knowing his diaper stuff!

Jess will still be around to answer questions as needed, but don’t be surprised if you get a response back from Justin instead of Jess. Jess will also continue to host all of the diaper events and teach diaper classes in the months to come, but will be less involved in the day to day activities of the business.

In Honor of reaching 400+ Likes on Facebook, 200+ Orders in the store, and Justin’s new role; we’re having a “Our Favorite Daddy Fluff” Picture contest! Post your favorite Daddy cloth/baby wearing picture on our facebook page to be entered to win a nice little diaper package! Contest will run through July 1st with a winner announced July 2nd.