Friday, June 25, 2010

HUGE Open House Event


Wednesday June, 30
Top to Bottom Baby Boutique
22014 Riverside Dr. Elkhorn 68022

It is finally time to start remodeling our old house! Its time we clear out some of these styles that we won't be carrying anymore before remodeling. There will be HUGE sales lots of products including fitteds, pockets, aio’s, detergents, wipes, accessories. AND everything that isn’t discounted will be discounted 5%.

I cannot believe Jess is going this low on a lot of stock! We want to get new stock in the store and so there are things that are discounted so low you won’t believe them!!! Of course I cannot tell you prices, but I’m telling you they’re EXCELLENT!!

Come out, bring your kids. See the “Before” house, as well as the Diaper Room! We won’t mind if you laugh at the house, because we do!

Kids Welcome! Cash, check, and credit card accepted. Tell all your friends.


Jessie said...

I'm super jealous of everyone who lives close enough to go!!!

Hope everything goes well!

Annie said...

i'm with jessie..i live in GI and have no way to make it there. (sniffle)

Benny said...

Its a fabulous !!!Baby Boutique!!! i am really fan of this boutique.... Baby Boutique