Monday, June 14, 2010

Mom of the Month

Welcome to this weeks edition of Mom of the Month! Meet another of our facebook/twitter/blog followers!

Meet Patricia from Mumma Tutu. Patricia has answered a great deal of questions, so we’ll get to know her pretty well!!!


Patricia is mom to two cute kiddos, Xavier age 5, and Addy age 2. Patricia is also very craft and has made quite a few of Addy’s cloth diapers!

What is your favorite time of day with your kids?
10AM-1PM (that is Mommy-time before I go to work. I also like 8pm-10pm that is cuddle time pre-bedtime.

What is your favorite memory?
I guess my favorite memory would be holding my babies for the first time.  I still remember their smell and how soft their skin felt.  My second favorite memory would be the alone time I spent in the hospital with my second child.  It really helped me bond with her. I think not having so many visitors that second time around, gave me a chance to be a mom.  A real mom to my newborn.  Not, a mom I thought I was suppose to be the first time around.  It made me a better mom to both of my children. That alone time I had with my 2nd child made me realize, I should do what "I" feel is right and not what others were telling me was right.  I've lived my life that way every day since!

What is one trait you’d like to pass on to your children?
My ability to make others laugh. I love making people laugh, it's a great icebreaker!

Did you always want to be a mom?
I've wanted to be a Mom ever since I can remember.  I loved having realistic looking dolls as a kid. They were the only dolls I would play with.  I "mothered" them constantly (and I must confess, I played with baby dolls until I was 15. Yah, I know.). I dreamed of being a Mom from such a young age.  I just wish it would have happened sooner and easier for me. Maybe I would have had more!  But, I love my babies and wouldn't have it any other way! I wanted children immediately after I married however, life had other plans. It took 7 years and a host of doctors to conceive my son and then came my daughter.

Must Have Items?
My biggest must have item is a good working, light weight and compact stroller that is comfortable for your little one! I found that in a Maclaren Volo!

And now for the Cloth Diaper Questions!

Handmade Mumma Diaper

Favorite type (aio/pocket/fitted)
I actually have 2 favorite types of diapers and both for different reasons. 

First off, I love prefolds with a cover.  My reasons: Prefolds are quick drying and so much more compact than carrying around tons of AIO or stuffed pockets when going to the zoo or park for the day. Prefolds are also quick drying, a must for me.  I just don't like drying diapers in more than one cycle.  And lastly, when the prefold gets wet/soiled, I can fit much more of them into a small wet bag rather than trying to stuff a couple of complete AIOs or stuffed pockets. Being able to reuse a cover a few times is good too!

Secondly, I love pocket diapers with snaps.  I use pockets with snaps for nap time and nighttime.  My reasons: They are easier to get on and off and are super absorbent. I also like that they are not as bulky and you can customize the absorbency when the situation calls for it.  The biggest plus of a pocket diaper is, without the inserts the diaper can be used as a multi-use cover over a prefold. LOL. Yah, I really like prefolds!

Wash routine?
I wash ever 2 or 3 days.  My stash is rather small but again, I only CD 3/4 of the week.  For my wash routine, I do a cold wash rinse to get all the nasties left behind out.  Next, I do a hot wash with one scoop of Clean B detergent or 2 tbsp of Rockin Green or 2 tbsp of my own home-made detergent (whichever I have available).  Lastly, I do a hot wash/rinse cycle with no detergent and if there is any scent of the detergent, I do one more cold rinse cycle.  I have really soft water so, I have to do extra rinses.  If I don't the smell is HORRIBLE when the diaper gets wet! Also, I might add that 2 of the washes I do also include my kids cloths (after the first cold rinse of course).

I use a variety of wipes.  Mostly, I use disposable wipes.  i started to use cloth wipes but found I liked them better as nose wipers.  I made about a dozen flannel wipes but they were too small to use for messes.  I re-purposed them into re-usable tissues.  Currently, I use a set of Bummis cloth wipes for wet diaper changes.

Any problems?
The only problem I have run into was ammonia smells.  I found out the fix was using less detergent.  With some detergents, less detergent wasn't working.  I found out my area has soft water and requires frequent rinsing.  After adjusting my wash routine, I have not had a stinky diaper or buildup! Yah!

Have you been able to convert your friends?
I have a few friends/coworkers who are having babies soon.  I may have converted a couple of them to at least try gDiapers.  That was my starting diaper that lead me to cloth diapering.  I think because I am not a die-hard cd-er and because I don't use them 100% of the time, others realize they could do the same and save themselves some money. Even if it is only buying 2 less packages of sposies a week.  I hope I've shown them how easy cloth diaper actually is!

What does your family think of you using?
"My" family is all for it.  They even offer to learn to change them.  My husband's family, well, not all of them agree with it.  I think it is funny that most of the older family members (grandma and great grandma) are totally against it.  They used them for ALL their kids yet, they are against it.  I think they see it as a poor persons diapering method.  Great Grandma had no choice but, Grandma had a choice but couldn't afford to use sposies.  I think that is probably why they are not for it.  I don't get it that's for sure! And not to mention, if it was my idea, it can't be any good. LOL! (I secretly love using them at my MIL's because I know it makes her angry. LOL)

Was your husband on board from the get go?
My husband is STILL not on board.  He remarks all the time that he "hates" cloth diapers.  He really has no legit reason for not liking them.  Really, he can't tell me why.  When I ask he says, because I just don't.  Yah, that's not a reason.

What does your husband think now?
He still hates the idea of cloth diapers. I think it's just because it is my idea.  He doesn't seem to see the savings they offer. But, that is because he continues to buy disposables.  Our daycare doesn't allow cloth so we have to buy disposables.  I don't mind really, I just use cloth because I personally like them and I feel it will at least keep some of our footprint off the earth.  Some is better than none, right?

How long have you been Cding?
I've been Cloth diapering my second child Addy, she's almost 2, since she was about 6 or 7 months old.  She is in cloth for about 3/4 of the week in total.  The other quarter, she is a my MIL's, who refuses to do "anything" I do or she is at daycare or with Daddy. All of which use cheap-o disposables. Secretly, I hoped the cheap-os would leak and my MIL and husband would just consent to using cloth! Unfortunately, they have not leaked, "yet"! :(

Favorite Newborn tip?
My favorite tip for a mom with a newborn is forget about the dirty dishes.  They will still be there at nap time and bedtime.  You're better off to wait and do them then! Also, hold you newborn.  It really does make them more independent as they age.  Really, it does.

Favorite Toddler tip?
Let them explore. Unless they can truly get hurt by what they are about to do, just let them explore it.  I'm one for following rules but, if my kids can find a way to climb up a slide other than the stairs while exploring cause and effect, I am all for that (as long as no else is waiting to come down).  As example, I let my daughter climb the stairs to her bedroom all the time. I stay behind her while she climbs. I feel it has helped her learned her limitations.  I no longer worry about her climbing them and falling down because, she knows how far she can go.  She learned that if she is stuck, she can sit down and do one step at a time on her bum.  I think that is pretty valuable.