Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday – Cloth Diaper Must Haves

Most cloth diaper parents know what they like/dislike when it comes to their diaper stash. But how do they vary between people? To give you an idea of our top ten must have items we decided to show you just how different two sets of parents can be. 

Jess & Justin are the owners of Top to Bottom Baby Boutique & use mainly fitted diapers. Amanda & Joel are friends, as well as Amanda being the social media coordinator of TTBBB, who use mainly pocket diapers. See how different our two lists can be! 

Jess & Justin’s Top Ten Must haves:
1.  Duo Wraps from Thirsties *
2.  BRSB fitteds
3.  Rockin Green, Classic rock in Monkey snacks 
4.  The cute little wooden scoop from rockin green
5. Wahmies pail liner *
6. Monkeysnuggles fitteds *
7.  Fluffy Butt wipes
8.  Rump-a-rooz in aplix
9.  Snappis--lots of them because we always lose them
10.  Esbaby AIOs

* are Justin’s Favorites. 

Amanda & Joel’s Top Ten Must haves:
1. Leslie’s Boutique Wet Bags*
2. Rump-a-Rooz in Snaps *
3. Wee Essentials Wipe Cubes
4. Thirsties Duo Diapers
5.Nifty Nappy Woolie Wraps
6. Diaper Sprayer
7.Fluffy Butt Wipes
8. Monkeysnuggles Fitteds*
9. Rockin Green Hard Rock in Fresh Linen
10.Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Diapers*

*When I asked Joel what his favorites were, he replied with “I don’t know. The snap diapers. Oh and you need a wet bag.”

So what is in your Top Ten Cloth Diaper Must haves??? Write up a post come back and let us know where we can read it! We’d love to see everyone’s. After you link back up, see what other’s can’t live without! You might just find something you didn’t know about and now can’t live without! (I did!)


The Johnson's said...

I am new to this whole cloth diapering world. I like the idea, but am totally confused with what to do and what I need. I have ordered various types of diapers and brands, four different ones to try out. All are one size diapers so that they grow with my child.

I like that you put up a list of the things you need and use, it helped me to know what I am missing that I must get.

If you have any advice on what I need to know as a new timer to this. PLEASE PLEASE let me know!