Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mom of the Month

Welcome to our first Mom of the Month! Get to know some of our readers, twitter followers, & facebook fans. We love getting to know you and why wouldn’t everyone else!

Meet Amanda from “popp"ing out one letter at a time. Amanda has answered all of our questions. So you’ll really get to know her!!!

Amanda has 4 sweet little kids & another on the way. Amelya, 5, Breigh, almost 4, Caitlyn, 2,  Dustin, 1, and baby E due in July.

What is your favorite time of day with your kids?
I truly love all day with them. but my most favorite times are when they just want to cuddle with me. and when we do school. homeschooling has been such a blessing to me seeing them 'get' something for the first time. I also love hearing their giggles and conversations when they're playing alone without me.

What is your favorite memory?
My favorite memories are the time I spent at my grandparents house growing up. they watched us instead of us going to daycare and I treasure the time even more since losing my grandma and my grandpa is getting older.

What is one trait you’d like to pass on to your children?
Confidence. I want them to be confident in the calling God has placed on their lives and go with it. and don't let anyone else drag them down. and to not care what 'they' say. to please God first above all other people.

Did you always want to be a mom?
I have always wanted to be a mom. I never pictured myself with more than a 'few' kids though. and for sure NEVER pictured myself as a stay at home mom. that was something that was foreign to me. until I held Amelya in my arms.

Favorite Quick Dinner Tip?
order out. :it doesn't kill you to do that once in awhile. lol. of course my favorite quick dinners always involve
Wildtree! I love their skillet meals the best for a quick dinner!!

Favorite Grocery Tip?
check the price per ounce on the stickers. sometimes it's cheaper to buy the small containers of something instead of the big one. and buy the 'off brand' cereal, it's cheaper, and tastes the same.

Best House Cleaning Tip?
a maid. wouldn't that BE NICE!! do little things at a time. then it doesn't seem so overwhelming. and take the time to play with your kids if they ask. the dishes will {unfortunately} wait for you to get to them. your kids...will keep growing!

Things your children do with their dad’s?
'dad' stuff. :0) they love to help him with his tractor. and pick stones. they also love to play silly and be crazy with him. it's so cool to see that because I didn't have much of that when I was growing up due to my dad working all the time. it blesses my socks off to see my husband as a daddy.

Best Tantrum Busters?
to not allow them. tantrums/fits are NOT allowed in our house. when one starts they are told 'no fits' if they continue we use our form of discipline and the fit stops. it's amazing how two simple words no fits. works wonders!

Best Teething Trick?
I've got nothing for this except Motrin.

Must Have Items?
a baby-wearing carrier. I love the ones I have, and it makes it so easy when I take the kids shopping with me. my husband works crazy hours so it leaves me to do the grocery shopping with the kids. a moby, an ergo, whatever...just get one! :) I also love the boppy. it's not only great for breastfeeding, but for tummy time and for the babies learning to sit up.

The Cloth Diaper Questions:

Favorite type (aio/pocket/fitted) pocket or fitted.
I love them both! AIO's are good when they're not all sewn together. I've gotten a few and sold them because I didn't like how long they took to dry.
wash routine we have two in diapers (and maybe three once the new baby is born in july) so our pail gets full quick. but because we have well over 40 diapers per kid...I'm lazy sometimes. usually I try to wash every 3-5 days. I wash on a cool 'quick' cycle. then do a heavy duty cycle on hot with extra rinse. and one more hot quick cycle.

depending on my mood. we'll use disposables or cloth. but every time I use disposables I realize how much easier cloth ones are.

Any problems?
ADDICTING!! I thought I was 'saving' money by starting cloth.  lol. I know we do save money, but it's so addicting and love seeing all the new and different kinds of diapers out there.

Have you been able to convert your friends?
I have a few friends who came to me asking questions, but I'm not sure if it's because of me they decided to do it. I LOVE telling people who want to hear about it though!

What does your family think of you using?
most are supportive or just don't care either way. or at least have never said anything to my face. I have noticed the drop in help of changing diapers though since switching to cloth. which sort of makes me giggle, because it's the same except you put the diaper in a bag instead of the garbage. we just take it all in stride.

Was your husband on board from the get go?
pretty much. his only request was that it not be some sort of 'trend' thing. like do it for a month and quit. at the time we had three in diapers and to get started for the three it was $400 to start out. so it was an investment. one I've earned back a long time ago!

What does your husband think now? 
it's cool now because he'll tell others at his work about cloth diapers when they talk about having a baby. awwww. I think it's great!

How long have you been Cding?
about a year and a half

Favorite Newborn tip?
none. because I haven't clothed a newborn, but am WAY excited to do so when we have this baby in july.

Favorite Toddler tip? 
snaps. my toddler loves to take off her velcro diapers if she goes to nap with one on. or just make sure the velcro is covered during nap/bedtime.

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