Thursday, November 10, 2011

Packing for the Hospital-Green Edition

Any of you who know me know that I am first and foremost a planner. I like to have things planned out way in advance. I carry a calendar wherever I go and keep my phone calendar up to date. I plan out my daughter's school lunches for the week on Sunday, etc. You get where I am going here, right? I like things figured out in advance.

This is no different when it comes to adding another person to our family. My babies tend to come early (35, 36, and 37 weeks so far) so I like to have my hospital bag packed by 35 weeks just in case. As I am 37 weeks with this little guy tomorrow {he must know my love of order and is shooting for 38....that's my theory anyway}, I packed my bag a few weeks back.

When we had Mara, we planned to cloth diaper from the get go. That didn't happen since she was rushed to the NICU and was there for over two weeks. At the time, I didn't have newborn diapers to fit her as she didn't take to feedings well, etc. I was, in no way, prepared to be a NICU mom with my closest to term baby. This time around, I have been planning on the newborn cloth diaper front for awhile but that is a separate post. Another thing I have planned for is my own green postpartum supplies.

This time around, instead of "paper" pads, full of chemicals, I am using cloth pads. For the hospital, I ordered Pink Daisy size Large pads and am mixing them up with my Weeessentials size Large pads. I find the pads in the hospital to be massive and uncomfortable, especially (and I am about to get a bit TMI here but, come on, we are all mamas and dads...we know how this goes or have at least heard about it) after a c-section when you are not as mobile as you were before pregnancy. After having gone through this three times, I am hoping these work much better and I know they are far more eco friendly.

Another addition to my bag are my Pink Daisy and Itzy Ritzy cloth nursing pads. With Mara, I used cloth nursing pads and loved them. I find the paper alternative to be uncomfortable and, well, they stick to me and I don't dig that when I have to wear those puppies quite often. I refreshed my stash with these two new brands for baby #4 and have heard nothing but fabulous things about them.

Also in the nursing department, Jess has sold me on the Undercover Mama nursing tanks. These things are amazing. Rather than wearing a bazillion layers, I can wear my nursing bra and attach the tank to the bra--keeping my tummy covered and making nursing or pumping discreet. Win-win in my book. I am excited to try the Undercover Mama tanks as I had just the plain nursing tanks in the past. They work fine and all but I feel that they just add to the layers--bra, tank bra, tank, regular know? Also, as a bigger chested person, finding a nursing bra without the built in bra part is difficult and lord knows those tanks are not made for the DDD+ mama. This won't be a problem with the Undercover Mama, that thing has already been tried on pregnant and it is heaven to wear.

These are some of the eco-friendly and/or crunchy mama goodies I have packed in my hospital bag for when we head in to welcome our fourth into the world. Obviously cloth diapers, wipes, and my wetbags are in there too but like I said, that is for a later post--full of baby pictures and diapers (and none of me because this mama is likely to be a hot mess after #4 arrives). What do you pack in your hospital bag that fellow crunchy mamas may want to know about?