Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Sparkles and Fluff

As you all know, we loooooove our local creative and crafty mamas Incorporating locally made products into the store inventory has been a central focus since early on in the store's formation and the fabulous experience we have had with our vendors has only solidified that this is a cause we want to stick with. Since opening the store in its new location at the end of April, we have added several vendors to our awesome lineup of local products and we now carry local products from babywearing wraps to spy bags, wool, baby blankets and hair bows. The last of these products, hair bows, is one of our newest additions. With the opening of the store, Sparkles and Fluff came on board. This week, Sparkles and Fluff is our vendor spotlight, our attempt to share with you who our vendors are and how fabulous their products are.

Sparkles and Fluff is a WAHM business owned by Amy Pugh. Amy started Sparkles and Fluff while pregnant with her {newly two year old} daughter Audrey. For anyone who knows Amy, she is quite a girly girl and wanted nothing less for Audrey. As a result, Amy experimented with making tutus for her soon to be born daughter and had soon perfected her skills. After Audrey's birth, Amy began making them for other little girls (mine included...Peyton has gone to many a dance class in her Sparkles and Fluff tutu and Mara has had S&F tutus as part of her 1st and 2nd birthday outfits) and she soon expanded into making other products for little girls.

Amy now makes everything and anything from tutus, hair bows, necklaces, pins, earrings, rings, wreaths---you name it. They are all wonderful. I must admit, we have quite the collection between the three girls with her zebra print themed bows as our favorite!! Top to Bottom Baby carries her hair bows, headbands, and tutus in store. You can also find them at the online store. Be sure to stop in and check them out and while you are at it, go like her on Facebook and tell her where you heard about her fabulous products!