Sunday, June 26, 2011

Upcoming attractions!

I am hoping to interrupt the program for a brief update!

We realized with our post last week that we didn't tell you about our plans for the upcoming months. We have decided that we will be hosting a guest blogger every Monday on a Natural Parenting Topic. We have had some great submissions already and hope you enjoy them. If you are interested in Guest Blogging, please don't hesitate to email Jess ( with your ideas.

Also, on Wednesdays we will be discussing products. We are hoping this will be a great way to learn about new products that are available and there may even be some giveaways.

We are super excited to share our newest addition, the Affiliate Program, with you. We hope that you have loved our services and share us with friends and family, so we decided that we would love to give back to you when you do. If you visit Top to Bottom Baby, you will see a "Become an Affiliate" link at the bottom of the page (or click HERE). When you sign up, you will receive an Affiliate Program link in your My Account area at the bottom of the page. This will link you to the stats for who has clicked on your link. Additionally, you will receive 5% of all sales that were generated by your link in store credit. The "Helpful Link" is your affiliate link. You are welcome to use this banner to link to your blog or other pages. We've found it works best to embed your specific link into the icon.
Finally, the winner of our $20 Gift Card to T2B is #43: My Life with Boys! Thanks to everyone for such great ideas!

With Love and Fluff~Jess and Robyn