Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fluff Again Wednesday Edition

Welcome to the Wednesday Edition of Fluff Again!

Okay, first I have to apologize for missing Tuesday’s edition of Fluff Again news...I went to play Bunco with my moms’ group (enough said, right??)

So, to start off the night, we’ve decided to give away 2 (Yes, 2!) pre-sale passes from Monday’s comments. The winners must email me at by Friday at 5 pm to claim their prizes. The winners of pre-sale passes are:

    • Leah
    • April D.

Next on the list, we are going to give away another set of presale passes tomorrow. To enter, answer this question:

What is your biggest question about Fluff Again (how it work, what to buy, etc) that we haven’t already answered???

Thursday’s edition of Fluff Again news is going to be all about vendors, so make sure you check back for a full listing of our fabulous vendors!


Corinne said...

I read that there will be door prizes at the event. I was curious about what some of the prizes would be and if you have to be present to win. I had one more... shoot. I can't remember it was... Excited to see all the items for sale!!!

Anonymous said...

Besides type (AIO, pocket, fitted) are you going to organize the diapers by size?

Tina Sturm

Kristine Vlcek said...

Do consigners get in to the sale early, or is it just volunteers this time? Last time I was both; this time we have a lot going on Saturday so I barely have time to shop, let alone volunteer! :/

Meagan said...

What about parking at the sale? I haven't been to UNO for quite a while and I'm not sure of the parking situation.

April Dietz said...
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Courtney M said...

Where's the best place to park?

Bri said...

Do we need to bring reusable bags or will bags/shopping carts be provided?

Kim Massey said...

Do you sell or are you going to sell cloth diapers \ padded undies for overnight for like potty training 3-4 year olds? Do they have that sort of thing? 402-490-2862

Risa Peterson said...

What kind of breastfeeding products \ supplies will be at Fluff Again? Is there a vendor that will carry some of this type of stuff?