Monday, August 15, 2011

T-Shirt Time

I am probably the least creative person ever, especially when it comes to designing things. Sadly, we are in need of new t-shirts for the store and for Fluff Again. I was discussing with Justin what the best t-shirt would be and he suggested a contest--which is totally unlike him because normally he rolls his eyes at us and tells us to do whatever we want. So, in honor of Justin's new found contest love, we are going to be hosting a t-shirt design contest.

Here are the details:
Contest dates: now until August 31st at midnight
What: Design new t-shirts for T2B and for Fluff Again
The most important thing, what do you win? The winning designers will receive a t-shirt sporting their design AND a $25 gift card to the store.
EDITED TO ADD: Vilate from Nifty Nappy has offered to turn the t-shirt into a diaper for the lucky winner. So, you can chose whether you want the t-shirt or a diaper!

The best part, we will let you guys pick the t-shirts through votes from now until September 10th. But, we won't be revealing the winning design until Fluff Again (just another reason to come visit us that day!)

How to enter: Create your design, post it to your blog, and then link the design here using a link back to your blog. If you can't link, or don't have a blog, have no fear, just email and I will add it to the links.

I'm STOKED to see the designs that everyone has in store :)

Just a couple more details (so you know what you are designing for!):
Fluff Again is our semi-annual consignment sale. We have lots and lots of used diapers and lots of fun playing with them. You can check out more details on our facebook page.

T2B Baby, well we are fun. Our last shirts were adorable and designed by Amanda last year. We just know we need some more. Check out our website and our facebook page for details on the store.

Have fun with the designs and don't feel like you have to incorporate the labels or anything specific. The more fun you have the better.
Finally, here are the logos for both if you are interested in using them:

~Love and Fluff, Jess and Robyn


Heather said...

The hyperlink when clicking on #3 takes you to a close up of #4.

Joey said...

I sent an email with my design ;)

Alyssa said...

the link for #11 goes to #12!

Leah said...

Reply to Heather:
Thanks for commenting. If you scroll down on the page it links to, you'll see #3. I can't change the links now, wish I could! Thanks again!