Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cloth Diapering a Newborn – Final Chapter

Violet is two months old. I think I have to admit that the newborn stage is over. She is officially an infant. *sniff sniff*

At her two month check she weighed in at a healthy 11 lbs 7 oz. Sooooooo...the Rumparooz Lil' Joeys don't quite fit the best anymore. Technically, they say they will fit up to twelve pounds. I still use them, but only when she won't be in them long. They are just a little too snug. The bummer is that the very last setting of snaps is too large for her, but the other setting is too tight. That's just one of the cons of using snaps, I guess. Anyway, I do feel like I got my money's worth. By my calculation, if I used them for only six weeks, they would've paid for themselves. (In comparison to the cost of disposables.) Since they fit for eight weeks, and I can still use them in a pinch, I feel really good about the purchase. Overall, they were awesome.

Here's the sum up of what I really ended up using during the newborn stage: An easy all-in-one cloth diaper and disposable wipes. I never got the hang of using cloth wipes. I'm sure it's a cinch, I just never got a good system down, and in the middle of recovery and sleep depravity it was just too much for me. But it doesn't really matter if you have a newborn or a two year old, cloth wipes are cloth wipes. So I won't go into my lack of cloth wipe commitment in this post. :)

I'm not sure I would've stayed the course with newborn cloth if I hadn't used the awesome all-in-one diapers. Even as a cloth veteran, I still get overwhelmed with snappis, prefolds, and covers. Maybe it's the layers that make me feel cluttered. The simplicity of an all-in-one is more my cup of tea. Although, I will say that I had a couple of fitted diapers that I used occasionally with a cover and that seemed pretty easy. A fitted size 0 Kissaluvs fits great under the size 1 Thirsties duo wrap. My only problem is that my babies seem to have slightly sensitive skin. Both girls have trouble without a stay dry layer between their tiny bunzies and the absorbent diaper.

The Rumparooz Lil' Joeys that I used do have a stay dry layer on top. But around the four week mark, I did notice that if I left them on Violet too long she would get a rash. I was able to leave her in them overnight the first few weeks, but then I noticed she was waking up with a very red bottom. At first, I just had to make sure I changed her halfway through the night. But then that wasn't even enough anymore. I noticed that if I didn't change her as soon as she pooped, or if I left her in a wet diaper more than a couple hours, her bottom was very irritated. I decided to pull out the BumGenius one size diapers. Voila! A couple of days using those exclusively and her bottom cleared right up. I started using these as her overnight diaper. They fit her well on the smallest setting when she was about four weeks old, and probably 8 or 9 pounds.

The rash issue is not necessarily a flaw in the Lil' Joeys diaper. It could be that I needed to give them a super good rinse to get  left over soap out (although I do use Rockin' Green exclusively and it's pretty awesome) or it could be that she was simply out growing them and the absorbency wasn't enough to keep the wetness away from the top of the diaper. I still use them when I know she will be in them less than an hour. This is usually while I nurse her because I know I'll be taking her potty when she's finished. (I'm a freak and take my babies potty. I take Violet right when she wakes up, and then again a few minutes after nursing. Believe it or not, she frequently pees and occasionally poops at this time. You can read about this crazy process on my blog.)

So is cloth diapering a newborn with all-in-one diapers worth the expense? Yes! I feel so good about the amount of disposable diapers that are NOT in a landfill because of my decision to use cloth. Evidently, I don't love the planet enough to fold and pin and cover. But I do love it enough to spend a little money on a convenient way to cloth diaper my newborns. I'm a lazy earth mama.

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