Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do they Make a Difference???

A while back we got talking about dryer balls on our Facebook Page. There were quite a few moms who didn’t have any ideas about them, and there were others who wanted to know: Do they really make a difference??

There are many answers to this, but the simplest answer is: YES!


When I asked around on our Facebook page what other moms’ experiences were with their dryer balls here’s what I got back. It’s fun to see the love that dryerballs give!

Barbara Jean Henning: Love our Buddha Bunz! Not only did they cut down on the dry time for all of our clothes but they removed the need for fabric softener. I've found that the combination of using our diaper detergent on our clothes and our balls have made them softer now than when we were actually using fabric softener!

Crystal Biehl : Yes! I have 6total … by using these, I can dry an entire large load of clothes in under an hour ... I estimate it cuts off about 20 minutes of my drying time. It dries diaper covers/shells in 30 minutes!

Melanie Kelsay : I have 5 and love them.

Courtney Luebben Peeler : I love mine... I made 2 from scrap wool yarn... need to make more. felting was easy and they've cut 15 minutes off of my diaper drying... I leave them in for all loads (unless darling husband takes them out).

But want my honest opinion??? I may be a bit biased but these things ROCK your socks off!!!! Okay so I don’t think I’m biased, I think I’m addicted.

I first got 8 dryer balls from a mom on Etsy, and sadly had a few unravel from her. After looking further for another maker to carry in the store Jess came across Michelle Cook, owner of Green Belle Designs on Etsy. I immediately knew I had to have more!

I’d already seen a difference. Things were coming out softer and fluffier without the use of harsh “softeners”. I also noticed we were having shorter dry times. I was now able to run a load of laundry and not have to wait very long for the dryer before I could put the next load in there.


Like most Cloth Diaper moms do, I became addicted. Only not with fluff, with dryer balls! I HAD to get my hands on more. I was able to purchase 6 more through the store, putting my total up to 17 balls. Now are all of them in there at once? Not always. We average 10-15 balls at any given time.

I’ve been asked how if they’ll unravel and how long they last. Sometimes you’ll get one that will unravel, but not very often. With my first few balls, I realized they weren't wrapped very tightly, and they did unravel. My ones from Michelle, are wrapped so tightly, that I have NO worries of them unraveling.


As far as how long they’ll last? Forever as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had these (pictured above) for 3 months now, and they look as new as the day I put them into my dryer.

Here is another example. These are Michelle’s own personal dryerball stash. Some of them have been in rotation for over 2 years.

All in all I LOVE LOVE LOVE our dryer balls, they cut down on my dry time, and things are so much softer! I’m admittedly an addict. And shh…..don’t tell my wallet that I want to buy more.